Handpiece Brands Pros and Cons

There are many types of handpiece brands to choose from. The most popular brands are Midwest, Kavo, Star, W&H A-Dec, Bien Air, NSK, Brasseler, Lares etc.

Pros: Dependable Technology – Tradition, Shorty and Rhino handpieces have been around for decades and are still popular models. Handpieces can handle alot of use.
Cons: The electric Stylus models are not very popular and some of the XGT and Stylus models are very large for smaller hands. Fiber optics tend to be dull on older highspeeds.

Pros: Advancing Technology – Kavo always is updating their highspeed, lowspeed and attachment models. You always get state-of-the-art technology if you purchase these handpieces.
Cons: The handpieces can last a long time but some of the highspeed heads can be easily damaged if dropped on a hard surface.

Pros: Dependable Technology – Star 430 and Titan models are very solid and will withstand heavy use. Highspeed turbines are designed to be easily replaced by doctor or staff.
Cons: Fiber optics tend to be dull on older highspeeds. Shells can be a bit reflective and bright.

W&H A-Dec
Pros: Advancing Technology – Models are always being updated with newer technology. The highspeeds are lightweight and compact.
Cons: Swivels/Couplers linkage can be a bit overwhelming because of the varied designs – some highspeeds use an internal halogen bulb while others use a fiber optic rod. The metal is soft and can easily be dented if the highspeed handpiece is dropped on a hard surface.