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How Does This Work

It is an easy process to sell your unwanted dental handpieces. First, we send our free shipping box to your location – you can request a box via the website online form or by calling 1-855-544-1900.

Once you receive the box, you or your staff can load it up with your unwanted items. We buy highspeeds, lowspeeds, attachments, ultrasonic scalers, cavitron inserts, old turbines, couplers, hygiene handpieces, surgical drills, electric handpieces, electric handpiece units, etc. – in working or broken condition.

You can pass off the package to the mail carrier that picks up your outgoing postal mail. You can also drop it off at any post office as well. We include a tracking card so you know when we receive it. Once we receive the box, we will contact you with a quote via phone call, email or text (whichever method you indicate on the contact form). You give the approval before the check is sent, and if you don’t want to go ahead with the quote, we return the items at our expense (free shipping both ways).

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions.